the mill house supply

A high-quality, highly curated supply for purchase. Add subtle touches to your home that evoke that rustic, farm look. Purchase culinary items that are hand-selected by Mill House chefs and bartenders.

Mill House Roasting Co.

Hawaiian coffees roasted at our Plantation in Maui. Naturally grown and roasted in small batch by experienced hands. The flavors and textures of these coffees are distinct. Purchase a gift for the coffee lover in your life. Visit our coffee cafe to learn all about coffee brewing methods. Then purchase your brewing pieces here.

farm kiosk goods

Farm-driven and made to celebrate the agricultural bounty that Maui has to offer. These made in Maui goods harken back to a time when artisan craft and ingredient sourcing was prized above all.

Plantation Store Favorites and tropical bouquets

Your online go-to for Maui gifts, omiyagi, souvenirs, tropical tastes and quintessential Hawaiian gifts.